Please Read Before Filling Out the Membership Form

All participants must be a minimum of 7 years old at the time of registration

Approved for Financial Aid or a Military Waiver?

  • If you were approved for any financial aid or military waiver, you will need to be logged in to see your discount. Please follow the instructions on your approved email notification.
  • Your discount will only apply to a One-Time Payment. Please make sure to select “One-Time Payment” in the Payment Options dropdown menu.

How to Fill Out Membership Form

  • Select your Home Campus.
  • Select your Payment Option.
    • Quarterly PaymentYour credit card will be automatically charged $250.00 every 3 months for 1 year. Missing a payment will result in your child’s membership access being revoked. To continue attending, you must reach out to a Pro Kids Staff Member for reinstatement.
    • One-Time PaymentYour credit card will be charged the listed price at the time of checkout. Your child’s Pro Kids membership will be active for 1 full year. All members must renew their membership after 1 year.
  • Fill out the form for each child who wishes to participate in Pro Kids programming.
  • To add multiple participants, fill out the form and at the bottom of the page click “Add Another Participant”.
  • Upon completing your checkout, you will be redirected to our activity sign-up page.